Corn Pudding with Cheddar


1 Stick Butter

1 Cup Diced Onion

1 tsp Minced Garlic

4 Eggs

4 Cups Fresh or Frozen Corn

1 Cup Cream

1 Cup Cheddar Cheese

2 Tbs Corn Meal

2 Tbs Sugar (Optional)

1 Tbs Salt

1 tsp Black Pepper

Preparation (more…)

June’s Corn Pudding


1 can corn w/juice

1 can creamed corn

1 stick of butter or margarine, melted

8 oz. of sour cream

2 eggs, beaten

1 small box of Jiffy

1 tbsp. sugar

2 qt. casserole


Mix and bake @ 350°F for 1 hour.

NOTE: Oven and altitude may vary, so adjust baking time accordingly.